Saturday, December 3, 2011


Silja Line :)
I wore my new Versace for H&M dress :)
My boyfriend and his dear shrimps he had been waiting for probably a week.. :)
At the club, New York..
Okay... :D
Me and my new sweater from Gina Tricot

It's been a good week! On Wednesday me and my boyfriend packed our bags and took the boat to Sweden. :) On the boat we went to the spa and later we had an enormous buffet dinner! The boat was swaying really much, so there was no chance to walk straight or dance without keeping on to something.. And the whole day yesterday I still felt the earth swaying, haha. In Stockholm we didn't do anything special, we were just shopping and walking around in the city. We also met my cousin, which was nice. :) I didn't take many pictures at all, it was too freezing! I finally had to buy another sweater to keep me from freezing to death.

Yesterday we made some gorgeous cup cakes with my friend Jeanette. I was so tired after the trip and work, but I couldn't say no to cup cakes.. :) Now another friend is coming over to watch the second Twilight movie, New moon. We decided to watch them all, before we go to see the newest one at the movie theater. I'm not gonna do anything else tonight, even though it's Saturday. I already went out Wednesday and Thursday on the boat, so I think that's enough for one week.. :)

Have a fun Saturday night! <3 <3

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  1. eikä!!niin pieni maailma!!en tiedä mistä eksyin tänne sun blogiin, jonkun blogin kautta ja sit jo mietinki et oiskohan mahdollista et oot dimitrin clara, ja oot!! haha. ihanaa. kerro dimitrille terveisiä ja cocolle rapsutuksia!! laura, (+tuukka, chile ja chisu)