Saturday, December 17, 2011


Chinese supermarket in the Parisian Chinatown
 Me in my vampire lipstick from Make Up Store, Black orchid..
 One of the huge Chinese shops we went to.. :)

 As planned we went to the Parisian Chinatown, or whatever it's called.. :) I wanted to explore a new place in Paris, and here I had never been before. I had no idea there was a place like this in Paris, but it was really fun and different to go there! The supermarkets were huge and consisted of every Asian dish/ product you could imagine. There were also a lot of Chinese decorations and clothing, good it's not really my style, otherwise I would probably have bought quite a few things there.. :)

Later we went to the center. I bought a pair of beautiful golden high heels from Aldo. <3 And we also went for a few drinks. Today it's Saturday, so we're going to a couple of friends' house soon and then later probably out partying!! ;)

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