Thursday, December 22, 2011

Presents everywhere

I didn't have time to paint my nails yesterday, my fingers looked so boring I decided to cheer them up with some jewellery. :)
From the left: own made silver chain ring, own made stone ring & Versace for H&M ring
From the left: Aldo ring, silver wire rose ring and silver ring both made by me


Now I think I finally got Christmas present for EVERYONE! The apartment is pouring over with presents and I'm actually making the last ones right now. The last few days have been a bit stressful with work, finding presents, meeting friends etc.. But soon I can finally relax, because it's Christmas!!

I went out for dinner with two good friends last night and we had a lot of fun. :D We went to Macu, have never been there before, it's a restaurant at the Crown Plaza Hotel. It was a really nice place and later we went for drinks to A21, a bar with the best drinks in Helsinki.

Now I have to get the present out of the oven. ;)

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  1. your stone ring in the middle is super wicked!