Monday, December 26, 2011


 My new red leather shoes from Bianco were perfect for Christmas

It's been a good long weekend. I haven't done much except eating and sleeping, but it's been wonderful. Soon I have to go home, because tomorrow morning work starts again..

I met some friends in Porvoo yesterday evening, we went to Seurahovi, a nightclub there. It's always fun to go there, I met many friends and a few relatives as well and the people can be quite amusing.. ;) It was just maybe a mistake to go there sober, because the people there were everything but sober! And they kept walking on my new shoes!!! >:c Otherwise it was a fun night, hehe. It was a bit less fun to come home to a dark house, the power was out because of the storm.. Nice.. But I found some matches and candles, so it was actually really cozy in the end. :)

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