Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spontanious Christmas party

Dress from Asos, TFNC

I had a few friends over after work yesterday. First I was just gonna meet a friend to hear about her trip to India, but it turned out to be a small Christmas party. :) Because I was working the whole day I didn't really have time to prepare that much, but my adorable friends brought food and then we had of course some glögg and gingerbread. I also got presents! :)

Today I haven't done anything, and it feels so good!! I just watched Aristocats, one of my favorite Disney movies and the reason I fell in love with Paris before I even went there.. I'm so happy, because in three days I will be in Paris again!!! :D

I feel like a real Twilight geek lately. My friend Fanny that I've watched the two first movies with, is soon coming over to watch the third sequel of the Twilight saga, Eclipse.  And then we're going to the cinema to watch the fourth one tomorrow...


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