Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 1-2

Beautiful <3
I just had to visit my old home...   
 Happy girl in the sun
I was wearing my vila jacket, bianco scarf & shoes, gina tricot sweater, zara python jeans
My friends' cute cat :)
Waiting for a kiss

So, here's some pictures from my first days in Paris. Because I've lived here almost 2 years, I don't feel like doing any of the touristic stuff. I've been here so much that I always try to do something new every time I'm here and in a city like Paris it's easy!

The first thing I did when we came to the center, was to visit my old neighborhood. I miss it really much, the area is just so wonderful! We've done some compulsory touristic things like going to Lafayette, seen the opera, but I think that's actually it so far. We've more just met up with friends than done any sightseeing.. Haven't done much shopping either. Yesterday I bought three gorgeous pieces of leather that I will make purses and jewelry of. :)

One night we spent at our friends place, with two cute cats walking on me when I slept. :) Now we're back in "our" apartment that we borrowed from my boyfriend's dad and soon we're going out. Don't really know our plans yet, maybe go to Chinatown, where I've never been yet. And then we'll see.. :)

Have a good day!

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