Friday, March 16, 2012

Sofinah sweater & Lily and Lionel scarf

Here I am with my wonderful new scarf. <3 I bought it yesterday at a new and cool shop Sofinah in Helsinki. A friend organized a night there for bloggers to come and see the new shop and to find out about Bonaqua's charity work in Kenya. For every Bonaqua sparkling water bottle you buy, three liters of clean water will be donated to Ikutha in Kenya. :) So you can drink bottled water with a good conscious. Bonaqua's new tastes; apple & lime-blackberry are really good and I'm usually not even a fan of sparkling water. 

In the shop I fell in love with this wonderful cashmere and silk scarf. I just adore the colors and it's cool because the scarf is actually made of a horse print that you don't realize at first. The luxury brand Lily and Lionel have THE MOST WONDERFUL scarves I've ever seen. Aah, I checked out their website and I totally fell in love with all of their scarves. But I think one is enough! :)

Yesterday we had a pizza night with some friends, and I met the lovely and extremely tanned Jeanette for the first time after her trip to Thailand. <3  I really can't wait for summer to be here too!

Have a fun weekend!!! <3 <3

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  1. Hi Clara,

    I look after the web interests of Lily and Lionel. I came across your great blog and thought I'd say how great the scarf looks on you and how thrilled we are that you like Lily and Lionel.

    We'd love it if you could link to our website
    and like our Facebook page

    We've recently launched a new collection with David Bebber, inspired by the jubilee that I also thought might interest you.

    Keep up the great blogging.

    Lily and Lionel