Thursday, March 29, 2012


Nokia Lumia 800 <3 

This baby arrived in the mail on Monday. Yeah, I finally have a smartphone!!! :D I'm so exited, and I feel like the biggest nerd ever. Before I never used to do anything with my phone, except call and send messages of course. Now I'm constantly checking my e-mails, Facebook, getting new apps, playing games etc... I know most people think it's normal to do all these things with your phone, but not me!! The only thing is I have some problems with writing messages and calling! :D It takes forever, but I just need to get a bit more used to this wonderful phone. <3 

I'm really into neon colors now, so I thought I would match my nails with my beautiful neon vase. :) The nail polish is from H&M for a couple of euros. Because of the sun and all I've been feeling really energetic, and this week I've been out jogging every day. I hope I will keep up the good work all summer. :) After my jog today I came to school to meet some friends and to work on my thesis. Now it's soon 7 pm and I'm still here. I think it's time to go home NOW!!

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