Sunday, March 25, 2012

Candy shop

Two happy girls :D

Nothing beats going to a candy shop on your way to the club, hehe.. We were celebrating one of my best friend's birthday yesterday. We had a great dinner at Pueblo, a really cute bar/restaurant with fantastic atmosphere, food and heavenly strawberry margaritas! After that we headed to the club Namu (slang for candy in Finnish). So we thought it was a great idea to stop on our way to the club to get some candy from a candy shop nearby! We all bought a huge bag of candy each and then six happy girls continued on our way to the club. :) I wouldn't stop eating those delicious candies, so my stomach started hurting a bit.. Too much candy, oops. But it was a fun night! Sometimes I can't believe we're turning 25 this year, when we act like 15. But I guess it's good that you're able to have fun and sometimes do crazy things no matter how old you are! :) 

Bonne nuit! <3

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