Sunday, February 12, 2012


At Tavastia (more precise the toilet...) :)
 In the elevator on our way to the second club, freezing...
Backstage... :D
 Me after a drink... or ten

What a night yesterday was!!! :D Me and my friend at work, Pauliina, went to Tavastia (a club in Helsinki) to watch her friends' gigs. Before we went I had already met up with another friend at Sushi bar, where we had a bottle of red wine and the most delicious sushi rolls!!

The gigs were really good, I had just heard one song before, but I liked them. We had a crazy good night, drank probably 10 drinks each... Hehe. After a while we went to another club, Tiger, without our jackets in the freezing cold. And then 10 minutes later back to Tavastia again, to meet Pauliina's friends backstage.

I woke up this morning with the worst headache. (No wonder..) But I couldn't lie in bed all day, because I was going to my parents place in the afternoon. Now I'm here, having a great time. :)

Good night!! <3

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