Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm sick.. And I don't like it at all! There's so many things I should do, but I can't do anything else than just rest... :( I'm so bored, so I started looking at some old pictures. :) Here's a few from Dieppe in north of France, 1,5 years ago. Me and my boyfriend decided to go for a little road trip when we lived in Paris, with our cat that we got one week earlier. :) I had never been in the north of France before. It was so nice, the beaches are totally different from the ones in south of France, but really beautiful. The summer had been really burning hot but this weekend was of course freezing.. 

I was freaking out a bit, because I had to drive! :o The drivers in Paris are CRAZY and we had no insurance on the car.. But nothing happened. :) It's just a 2 hour drive north from Paris, and I strongly recommend the place. But you shouldn't just stay in Dieppe, we went driving in the area around the city and found some amazing places, like a hidden beach and a gorgeous garden with the most amazing flowers. :)

Aah, would love to be there now! :)

Our ride :)
It was quite windy.. :)

Our little baby <3
A hidden place we found that led to...
the amazing beach

My love, who had just cut all his hair.. :(
 In the city
We found this amazing secret garden
A huge anchor :D
Baby Chanelle
Picnic on the beach :)


Now me and Chanelle are gonna continue to be lazy and rest in bed, and dream about warm places far away. :)


  1. Ser jag rätt! Att Jånkka går i GRÄS!!! Och hur vant som helst... då lurades hon bara att vara skrajj i Sibbo ;)

  2. gud va hon var liten då <3

  3. Joo faktiskt, haha! hon lurades nog bara i Sibbo.. :D

    Jag har inte märkt så mycket att hon växt, men när man ser de här bilderna märker man hur liten hon var då!! <3