Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was wearing my new Zara top <3, the yellow suede bag I've made, Cheap Monday jeans and all jewellery made by moi. :)

After two days of feeling sick, I'm finally feeling like myself again! :) So yesterday I went to a "fashion show", actually it was more like an introduction of some brands' new collections and then some famous Finnish designers showed their new collections at their stands on the top floor in Kluuvi. If you haven't been there yet (and you are in Helsinki) there are some amazing designers showing their talents in clothes, jewellery and other accessories for yet another hour! I was really excited to meet Minna Hepburn. Her designs are really beautiful, so romantic and dreamy.. And in her collections there are tons of beautiful lace dresses (just what I've been searching for!!) I just have to see if my wallet agrees. :)

I was there with two friends and I convinced them to come with me to Ivana Helsinki's shop in the same shopping mall, Kluuvi. I found two gorgeous dresses, but I couldn't make up my mind. I'm still thinking about them... So I came out of the shop empty-handed, while my friends both bought something.. :D After all the exhausting shopping (hihi), we went for dinner and later to watch their friends' gigs. They were really good, but at that point I was so tired so we went home early. (We did though stop on the way at a karaoke bar to sing, sober... But we never got to sing our song, thank god, because our other friends wanted to leave, before it was our time to sing, but we didn't mind at all actually! :D)

Today I'm not sure what I wanna do. I feel a bit tired now, but maybe later I'll have the energy to do something fun!! :) We'll see.. Have a great weekend!

<3 <3 <3


  1. Ksha Norbert here...Very nice Clara :). I see you make your own jewellery that's really impressive.. I love fashion too and I hope one day I can get to attend a real fashion show myself :) good work xx

  2. Hey Ksha!!! thanks!! :) how are u? it's been forever since we met! are u coming to europe any time soon? :) xx

    1. very pretty :)
      beautiful !

      if u want follow me and writte comment ;*

  3. Thank you!!! :) yeah, I did. In my post Ring bracelet you can have a closer look at it. :) xx