Monday, January 23, 2012

The most amazing weekend ever

Aaah, I don't know where to begin. I've done sooo much this weekend!!! It's been almost too eventful, but also soo much fun with my lovely friends! :D

On Friday our friend K had her going away party, because she's going to Australia on Wednesday.. I'm really sad about it. :'( The theme for the party was the colours of Russia (she's Russian) and Australia, so everyone had to be dressed in red, white and blue. At K's place a lot happened, even J's pants broke, haha.... :D

After we woke up on Saturday (some feeling better than others ;D), me and J went to my parents place to bake a chocolate cheese cake. We had to do it away from J's apartment so that her boyfriend wouldn't notice, because it was his birthday cake! When the cake was done we headed back to Helsinki and then straight to Lohja, to our friend's house. OMG, the house was amazing! A huge mansion, decorated so well that it wasn't the slightest scary (and I get scared pretty easily..). We (or actually the guys) made dinner while the girls walked around in this amazing house. We decided to make a scary movie, I can't wait to see the end result and I'll post it for everyone too see. :D K was the ghost and my boyfriend her creepy helper.. We all got to decide how we wanted to be killed, I decided to be strangled to death.. hehee..

In the morning we ate a delicious breakfast, congratulated the birthday boy and went horse riding. I'm really bad, have tried it once I think and I was scared to death I would fall. But thankfully I didn't and it was a great experience. And the horses were the cutest ever. My horse was named Fjalar. :)

I could have stayed longer in this wonderful mansion, but we had to hurry to Helsinki to throw a surprise party for M. After the party and a chocolate cake in our stomachs we went bowling! :) I couldn't stay long after the bowling was done, because I had to go and vote!!! I was there a few minutes before 8 pm (late as usual, but I still made it!), the place was empty and I was the last one to vote there.

Now we're back at my parents place, to give back the car. It's been a wonderful weekend with my crazy, lovely friends. <3 I just can't believe we've done all this in just one weekend! :D


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