Friday, January 27, 2012

I hate goodbyes

 At K's goodbye party on Friday, the theme was red, white & blue! Everyone looked so great in the colors! :D
A bit later J's pants broke!!! :DD
Hahaaaaaaa :DD
At the club K wore the t-shirt we gave her!!
I wore a shirt I bought in Paris a few years ago, guess bag, my blue leather earrings, Versace for H&M ring, red Lumene lipstick, Cheap monday jeans & red Bianco heels :)

Yesterday I was so sad, because I had to say goodbye to the wonderful Katja, who moved to Aussi land.. :( Me, J & K met for the last time (for now..) before she went. We've been hanging out a lot the last few weeks, so it's gonna be a bit strange that she's gone, but you have to stay positive. This means me and J have more time to do our final thesis, when we're not out having fun with K all the time! :)

I've actually written a bit on my thesis today. But it didn't start that good. This morning I had to wake up early, to do this thing for my old workplace. It's a PR-agency and I was one of the models to show journalists the new Veet products. My legs are in no summer condition, white and ugly, but it was still fun. :D When I came home I started writing on my thesis, but I was so tired (and the subject was so boring.. haha) that I fell asleep right away. I woke up five minutes before I had my appointment to my chiropractor.. I hate it when I'm always late!!!! Fortunately he could see me 15 minutes later, so I just ran to the tram the fastest I could, still half asleep..

The reason why I'm going to a chiropractor, is because my spine was bended forward and my posture was really bad. I've also had other problems that probably was caused by this annoying spine!! The first time I went, the chiropractor said I had the back of an old veteran.. :o But I'm happy I noticed it in time. Or actually it's thanks to K that I went there in the first place, because she had the same problem. So thank you!! :)



  1. positiivisena vinkkina kannattaisi vaihtaa kieleksi suomi,koska postauksesi englanniksi ovat ontuvia ja puuduttavaa lukea l "today i did/i like"-tyyppisia lauseita postauksen verran:)

  2. kiitos kommentistasi. syy siihen että kirjoitan englanniksi on että äidinkieleni on ruotsi ja kirjoitan valitettavasti niin huonosti suomeksi, plus että monet kavereistani ymmärtävät ainoastaan englantia näistä kolmesta kieleistä, niin päätin nyt vaan kirjoittaa englanniksi niin että kaikki ymmärtäisi.. :) ajattelin kyllä alussa että pitäiskö kirjoittaa myös ruotsiksi, suomeksi tai ranskaksi, mutta liian monimutkaista. olisi tottakai joo helpointa vaan kirjoittaa omalla äidinkielellään, mutta sitten en usko että kauheen moni lukisi blogini.. (google translate ei oo ehkä maailman paras kuitenkin) mutta yritän kirjoittaa vähän monipuolisemmin tulevaisuudessa! :)

  3. I prefer English, I think your writing is cute and sweet to read! Awesome pics by the way. Looks like you had a really fun night with your friends ;)