Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend in Tallinn

Omg, don't know where to begin. I had a great weekend!! :) We went to Tallinn to celebrate my friend Jeanette's birthday. We took the ferry early on Friday morning and arrived at noon in rainy Tallinn. The seven of us lived in this huge amazing flat in the middle of the old town. We (or actually the guys :) ), made this wonderful dinner, which ended up with drinking games.. Most of us, :) went out to a club named Vabank, probably 500 meters from the flat. There we had a great time, but went home quite early.

On Sunday we cleaned the slightly destroyed flat... :/ And had a great breakfast, until it was time to leave this wonderful apartment. The weather was really warm and sunny, so we walked around in the old town and went for some shopping. I bought a cool skirt from Bershka and some booze, hehe.. I just can't believe how cheap Tallinn is compared to Helsinki! Crazy.. But I really had a great time and the company was really wonderful!!! Thanks guys! :)

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