Thursday, September 8, 2011



I've been wanting to update my make up bag for a long time now, and on Tuesday I finally did something about it. I went to the Make up store, where I got a nice make up and this gorgeous orange lipstick. The name of the shade is Dare, which suits it perfectly, because you have to be a bit brave to wear it. :)

My mom came to Helsinki yesterday and we went to the Kaj Franck exhibition, which currently takes place at the Design Museum. Kaj Franck is one of the leading figures of Finnish glass and ceramic design. The exhibition was really beautiful and I highly recommend it. :)

Later me and my boyfriend went to Svenska talande klubben at Korjaamo. The Swedish speaking radio station X3M organizes concerts with up-and-coming artists. Yesterday Ronya and Firefox AK performed. I fell in love with Firefox AK, she was amazingly good! :) Now I can't stop listening to her album Color the Trees...