Monday, August 1, 2011

Meeting up with the cousins

On the boat
Kingis gang
A Viking ship...?
Crayfish party! :)

This weekend I had the chance to really get some proper (hihi) relaxation. I saw my cousins at our summer house in Porvoo. It felt a bit like the summers when we were kids, when me and my sister's cousins came from Belgium to live there for the summer. We always had so much fun. Me and "my" cousin Kati loved to dress up and play the funniest games, pretending we were doctors and documenting our patients' heart rates. One couldn't have been feeling so well with 3 beatings per hour... :D Of course we also liked to diss our evil big sisters. :) Sometimes I really miss being a kid.

Now I'm back to reality in Helsinki. <3

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