Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flee market findings

I almost look normal today! :D So I got the courage to show a picture of me.. :)

These wonderful earrings I found at a flee market last month. I'm just crazy about jewelry, can't get enough of them. In a few weeks me and my sister are going to sell some old stuff on a flee market in Helsinki. It's so nice, you get rid of old things you don't need and in return you get money (to buy more! :D).

I'm staying at home this Saturday, I'm still feeling a bit tired from the operation.. And it's nice to know I'll be feeling good tomorrow and have plenty of time to eat delicious food all day long! Tomorrow Ravintolapäivä is happening in Helsinki and apparently in other cities in Finland too. The list of places to eat at is really long, but I'll try to find some cool places..

Goodnight! <3


  1. Hi - youe blog is great - I read almost all your 2011 posts and were fantastic . I also saw a lot of great pics - Thank you

  2. Vilken kirppis skall ni fa och sälja till? :)