Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden party!

Top I've made of Christian Lacroix fabric, H&M shorts, Bianco shoes... :)

On Friday we celebrated my 24th birthday. :) We started in my beautiful backyard with some drinks, food and good friends. The weather was perfect! Later we went to a bar close by, where we had reserved the upstairs just for us. We also went to a club, Teatteri, later to dance!! :)

Next day we had to wake up really early, to go to my grandfather's bigsister's 100 years birthday party! :) There we saw many relatives, most of them I hadn't even met before. I wasn't feeling my best, but I had a good time anyway. It's amazing how someone can get so old, I hope I got some of her good genes.. :)

Now I'm getting ready for Rihanna on the beach!! :D The weather is crap, but hopefully it will get better!

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