Saturday, April 23, 2011



Today me and my boyfriend went to an island close to my place, Fölisön. I love this island, because it is full of wildlife. We saw squirrels, a rat, swans, and a lot of other birds. I like it, because the animals there aren't afraid to come and eat from your hand. :)

Apparently this island has a nudist beach! We were looking for the perfect place to stay in the sun and we went somewhere, which we thought was a private beach or something, but there was a naked man sunbathing and another one undressing... I just read about it and apparently this island has a nudist beach, one for women and one for men. Somehow we got lost and ended up on the nudist beach for men, oops!! :D Haha.

At the end we found the perfect little place by the sea, with no wind and plenty of sun, so we stayed there a couple of hours enjoying the weather and the view. I was wearing a maxi dress from H&M's tribute to Marimekko collection and a snake skin bracelet.


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  1. really love your blog!!
    beautiful post honey =P