Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cutest cafeteria in the world

Vogue suede style leggings


I can't get enough of this cute cafeteria close to my place, Café Regatta. The buns are so good there and the atmosphere even better! :) They have the cutest little decorations all over the place. I especially love the music playing bonfire and the fact that you get 5 cents back for every coffee refill you take. :)

Today me and my friend Jeanette also continued preparing our "mjöd". It's a drink we make out of sugar and lemon for "Vappen", one of the biggest carnival-style festivals held on the streets in Finland, that will be celebrated this Saturday and Sunday. We've been preparing the drink for two days now and we made 18 liters of it, so I hope it will be good!! :D 

Good night!

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