Saturday, December 15, 2012



These last few days have been quite eventful. First I took the ferry (alone..) to Stockholm on Tuesday evening. I mostly stayed in the cabin because I had an exam on Wednesday that I had to study for. I had this huge and very heavy bag with me, so it was not such a fun time to walk from the ferry to slussen and then take the subway to the center. But I survived! :D

After a 4 hour long exam I walked around a bit in the city, before I took the bus to Gothenburg (Göteborg).. I really don't know why I decided to take the 7-hour long night-bus!? I thought it would be kind of cozy, which it was at first, but when I wanted to sleep I wasn't so happy anymore.. But I got to see a bunch of cute cities on the way, which was nice. After a quite exhausting trip I'm finally here in cozy Gothenburg where I'm visiting two good friends of mine. :)

Puss & kram

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