Sunday, December 16, 2012


Our delicious hamburgers!
I wore my new earrings from H&M (omg they're heavy, but ooh so beautiful)
 Picture time
I chose a dark lipstick from Makeup store, shade black orchid

Last night me and my friends went out in Göteborg. We started the night with dinner and wine at my friend Pernilla's place. We ate delicious hamburgers and ended up drinking 3 liters of white wine (the tree of us!).. :D We went out to Yaki-da and Lounge(s), both cool places. We danced a lot, which I haven't done for a while so it was fun. Earlier today we watched a freaky movie, Killer Joe, and soon we're gonna make some dinner. I'm leaving tomorrow, so I'm gonna do my last Christmas shopping here in the morning. :)

See you tomorrow Finland! :D

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