Friday, May 20, 2011

I fell in love with a dress

Odd Couture maxi dress
Picture: Sofia Okkonen

The Marimekko fashion show today was amazing. I really love their new designs. <3 I was a bit surprised to see my boss modeling for the show, she was really good though. The kids there were also adorable! Will show pictures later. :)

I want to write about the Fashion Stock Sales that are currently happening in Vanha in the center of Helsinki. I went there today and I was really pleasantly surprised to see so many good Finnish designers there. Some I knew from before, but there were also a lot of brands that were new to me that I really liked!

One brand that I particularly liked is Poola Kataryna. The philosophy behind Poola Kataryna is to design timeless, oddly beautiful and locally & ethically manufactured products. Poola Kataryna products are designed for those who love bicycle adventures on midsummer nights, weird daydreams and having a cup of tea in a bubble bath. Sounds good to me! :)
This dress is from the line Odd Couture, and I think it's really cool! I like things you can mix and match to make them look really different every time you wear them, and this is definitely an item like that. I will go and check out their store FEM in Kallio really soon, which consists of four Finnish designers clothes, jewelry and accessories.

Have a good beginning of the weekend! :)

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