Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling blue :)

Me and my boyfriend 

Lanvin for H&M dress, vintage bag & shoes from Paris

This weekend we celebrated Vappen, which explains my poor blogging, and we had lots of fun! :D

On Saturday we had a lot of fun. First we met up with our friends in the center and later we went to another friend's birthday party. I had to keep my boyfriend close, because he was almost kidnapped by a gay guy. :D The next morning we had to wake up early (my friend made me), to go to the park. I was so tired, but we still had fun there with friends and good food. The weather could have been warmer though.

We were planning to go out Sunday night too, but I'm glad we were too tired to. We watched a couple of movies instead, Rio and Psycho I. I've never seen this new version of Psycho, it wasn't as good as the original, but the story is still excellent. And Rio was also a really good movie, a bit different though. :D

Now I just came home a while ago after a day at work and after eating a delicious salad at Teatteri. I have to start with a school project now. It has to be ready on Wednesday and I haven't even started yet. :/ I always leave things until the last minute. The project is pretty hard, but the fact that it's my last course left motivates me to get it over with quickly. :)

Bisous <3

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