Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hectic Saturday



Yesterday was a really hectic, but fun day. In the morning I went to the Design museum in Helsinki with my sister. I've been planning to go for like a month and it's the last day today to go to the exhibition about Marimekko, so I went, even though I didn't have that much time. But I'm glad I went, because there were some really beautiful things to see.

Later I went to my parents place. There were an opening of a bar by the sea in Sibbo, so we all met up first in my friends summerhouse, close to the bar. I found out I was supposed to bring a vegetarian pie the same day, so I quickly made one at my parents place. I tried to look for a nice recipe, but I ended up mixing three different. I had no idea what it would taste like, but it turned out fine. :)

We ate a lot. Everyone had made something different, and it was all so good! Then at the bar we also had fun, there were a lot of people that I haven't seen in years.. And some nice people I met for the first time.

Now I'm still at my parents place and we're going soon to our summerhouse in Borgå. :) Then back to the city!


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