Friday, March 18, 2011



So, now Friday is finally here and it means that I'm going to Paris today!! :D I'm feeling a lot better, so I'm definitively going. So happy! :) Because I don't really have any plans, except shopping, meeting my friends, my boyfriend of course and walking around in this beautiful city, I have lots of time to rest and get in perfect condition.

I'm just a bit sad, because I have to leave my little baby, Chanelle. My parents (and Laban, hehe) will take care of her though, so she will be in good hands! :) But I will miss her, especially in the mornings, because that's when she always comes on top of me and starts purring. So cute! Otherwise she's really independent and likes to play by herself. It was a bit hard to take a good picture of her, because she's always moving or then she starts to lick the camera. :D

My boyfriends and his dad will come and pick me up from the airport, because I'm there quite late, at 11 pm. It's so nice of him. By now he has done it soo many times. And he often brings a champagne bottle with him. I can see where my boyfriend gets his generosity from. :)

But now I have to stop writing and start packing!!! Because I've been sick the whole week I haven't done anything to prepare for the trip, so now I have so much to do!! Good that I still have time, my flight doesn't leave until 9 pm.

Have a good day!


  1. OOooooj vad söta bilder!!!

  2. Chanelle är ju gorgeous!! :)