Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parc de Sceaux

The park last year..


Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to Parc de Sceaux. Sceaux is a city 30 minutes from Paris, my boyfriend used to live really close and the park there is lovely. We went there because there is one part of the park that in spring is full of blooming trees and we wanted to see if the trees had started to bloom yet, but no.. :( But it didn't stop us from sunbathing there the whole day. It felt really good to get out of the city a little bit. 

I was wearing an old Zara jacket, Monki sweater, Stradivarius silk blouse, Gina tricot top, Vila shiny black pants, Longchamp bag and my lovely Jonak suede shoes.

Today was another relaxing day. I had a picnic with my boyfriend, met a friend for some drinks and went shopping. :) Now I'm chilling at my boyfriends place.. 

Have a good evening!

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