Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back in Paris



So happy to be here! :) Today we didn't really do much except walk around, because I'm still a bit weak after being sick.. My boyfriend have to work tonight, but it's good because now I have time to rest so that I will have the energy to do everything I want to next week.

I was outside my old door to the house I used to live in. It felt so weird to be there and not live there. Memories memories.. The picture of me is taken by my beautiful door in the best area in Paris! It felt so good to walk on the street Montorgueil, I used to walk there every day and it's so nice. :)

The weather wasn't so good though, but next week will be really sunny and warm! Yeah yeah yeah. I love this time of year in Paris, because everything is so beautiful, especially the trees!!!

Bisous bisous

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