Monday, November 19, 2012


I looked trough my statement necklaces and bracelets that I keep in my favorite Aalto vase and found a few beautiful pieces I haven't worn in a long time. Many of these jewelries remind me of good times; sunbathing in Mauritius, spending a warm autumn day in Stockholm, getting a present from a loved one, having fun party nights in Paris.. Ah, memories. I'm a sucker for combining my things with good memories, that's why it's always so hard for me to sell anything at a flea market. Even an old ugly shirt I'll probably NEVER wear can be impossible to throw out of my wardrobe, because I've had such a great time in it.. Next month I'm going to sell some old stuff in Kaivarin Kanuuna, a great flea market in Helsinki, so I have to try stop being so sentimental about every single piece of clothing I own!

At the moment I can't stop listening to this song "Princess of China" by Coldplay and Rihanna, I really like it.. <3

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