Saturday, November 10, 2012


I wore Kalevala Koru jewellery, Filippa K top, Zara pants & Jonak shoes
Dressingroom Drama

I went to the NRJ fashion night that was held in the Finlandia Hall yesterday with a couple of friends from work, we had a good time drinking champagne and eating weird appetizers. The show was pretty cool with three well-known Finnish bands, Don Johnson Big Band, The 69 Eyes and The Rasmus, performing and dancing on the catwalk etc. :) But the clothes in the fashion show wasn't as impressive.. In the end of the show ten fashion design students showed their designs and some of them were actually really good! For those who are interested (and in Finland), you can watch the fashion show on AVA next Sunday.

Today wasn't the most productive day for me. I woke up late and went for a 5 hour lunch with my friend Oxana. :D We had a lot to talk about.. First we went to Katsomo right next to the Savoy theater for lunch, but moved our lazy asses to Strindberg after they threw us out of the restaurant.. :)

Goodnight! <3


  1. Hi Clara, My name is Jere Vilo, finalist of the Nrj Fashion Awards- design competition. I found a good picture of my work on your post about the gala and was thinking could i maybe use that picture for an article in the making about my 3rd place win to a local newspaper of my stydytown Kouvola. U will of course own the rights for the picture and be noted as the photographer. Thank's for Ur attention!

    Regards, Jere Vilo

    P.S. I couldn't find ur email, so U can contact me to mine

  2. Hi Jere!
    Yeah, of course. I'll send the picture to your e-mail. And congrats! :)