Sunday, October 23, 2011

Champagne showers

This weekend has been a great relaxing one. I came to my parents place yesterday and I haven't done anything special since then.. :) I thought of maybe going to the forest to pick some mushrooms if I have time, before I'm heading back to the city. I didn't make it to the forest, but took some mushrooms from the freezer instead. :) Now I'm home, after having a sister & brother dinner at my sister's place! :D

On Friday we had a delicious taco dinner with some friends. They were adorable and made everything ready for me when I came straight after work! We went out to this new place Koitto, where we met some more friends. I really liked the lounge area, really cute and quite romantic. The waiter was really nice and gave us all a glass of sparkling wine for free.  But then he brought a whole bottle to our table! No one of us really wanted to drink anymore at that point. So in the end I was the only one trying to pour down a couple of glasses to be polite. :)


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