Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tölölahti Bay

It feels like I haven't had time to do much other then work for the last two weeks, but now I have the whole weekend off and time to finally do something else too. :) It's my sister's birthday tomorrow, so in the evening I will go to the party she's throwing. And before I can finally be really lazy and just lay in the sun all day. :D 

Just by my house, there's this cute bay where you can go for cozy walks or rent a boat if you want. At daytime it's a perfect place for sunbathing and at night it offers a great ambiance with all the beautiful lights from the buildings around the bay. I have been there a lot the last days. It feels good to be surrounded by nature once in a while, when you live in a city. :)

Goodnight! :)

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