Monday, October 22, 2012


Aki Choklat's wonderful high heels for Koo Kenkä, available in spring (can't wait)
 The sympathetic designer himself
 I fell in love with a fur

 Wouldn't mind owning one of these

 Heart Carioca
 The coolest lamp of all stands, at Lorukoru :)

 Cool! :D

Why is it that the spontaneous nights out often are the ones where you have most fun? Yesterday I was supposed to go to a couple of friends' place to have a few drinks, but we ended up dancing the whole night in Aussi Club. Haha, it was a fun night..

But after great nights out, you often have to suffer the next day... Today wasn't that bad though, I went out for lunch with my sister, brother, aunt and cousins to Vapiano and ate a great, greasy carbonara. :) I also went to the health, fashion and beauty exhibition that was organized in Helsinki this weekend. I checked out all three exhibitions, but fashion was absolutely the one that interested me the most. I got really inspired by looking at lots of cool creations. I also said hi to my bosses.

And by the way, I LOVE ME was the name of the exhibition! :D

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