Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Me and my sister went for a cruise to Stockholm last weekend. We were really lucky with the weather, it was warm and sunny all day in Stockholm. :)
We went to our favorite part of Stockholm, Söder <3
 In Whyred, one of my favorite Swedish brands, I found a beautiful red dress. But it was too expensive to even try on.. :(
We met our cousins for lunch on Götgatan :)
The big sisters
and the little sisters :)
Yum yum
In Bikbok, which is coming to Finland soon, I bought two nice dresses
Finally, the shop we'd been waiting for! Probably the best second hand shop I've ever been to.
 They always have the best brands for really cheap prices!
I found the Whyred red dress I looked at earlier, in my size!!! And even though it's from the newest collection, this one was more than 100 euro cheaper. :D
Something you can't miss when you're in Stockholm, chokladbollar.
For the walk in the city I wore an old jeans jacket, Gina Tricot sweater, H&M leggings, Longchamp bag & new Bianco leather sandals
 Hejdå Stockholm!


  1. Jeee, vilken fin söder-recap! Jag har faktiskt den där rosa acneklänningen på bilden, hade den på bröllopet på Jamaica! Superfin röd klänning, bra köp! kram

  2. Tackar tackar! :) Ja just det, det hade du ju. Den va också jättefin. Ja blev så glad när ja hittade den röda klänningen där, bästa butiken! Det va jätteroligt att ses o om en månad ses vi igen! :D kram