Monday, June 13, 2011


H&M dress, Swarovski necklace & Crocs ballerinas

On Friday me and my boyfriend fell totally in love with Stockholm. I've been there many many times before, but this time it felt different somehow. We walked around in areas I've never been to before, far from the tourist areas and we had a great time! :)

We found this perfect place to have lunch at, Gården, which is an open air bar and grill in the middle of a park. It was really beautiful and perfect for the warm and sunny weather this weekend. I also did some shopping, bought for example some really cool shoes.. :)

Can't wait to go back there soon again! <3


  1. Åå, det var helt där nära Gården som David och jag bodde när vi bodde i Vasastan! Nice att ni hittade dit! Hoppas vi kan ses nästa gång ni kommer hit!
    kraaaaam Freddo

  2. Det va ju ett härligt område, synd att jag aldrig hann komma o hälsa på! Gården va helt underbar, supergod mat. :)kraam